Photo by Caitlin Hamilton Photography

I’m Courtney.


I love documenting every aspect of life. Making photos is my passion.

My style is narrative, bold and lasting. I enjoy a balance of creating stylized stories and documenting real stories. Photography should showcase memories but also be incredible art. The making of this art should be an exciting process, an escape from busy life that can be looked back upon as a moment in time where, no matter who you were, you became the model in a piece of art, an essential in the creation of something lasting and beautiful. This can happen through creating a shoot or it can take place in the special moments in life that only happen once.

Life is art whether we create it or live it. I’m here to reveal that art.


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When I’m not creating portraits I have a few other passions.

Spending time with my husband Cody.

(photo by  Scott English Photography)

Kitties! We started fostering this year and ended up adopting 2 cute kittens, Mannie and Mort. Fostering is a huge passion of mine and so important. Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.48.35 PM

I’m obsessed with everything French and spent a few months solo in France. Cody surprised me out there and proposed and I daily crave a trip back.

I want to make a portrait of you unlike you’ve ever seen. No matter what color, shape or size you are, you deserve to see yourself the way you want to be seen.

Come to my studio in Denver and let’s give you the experience of a a lifetime.