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Courtney Noelle Photographie – Colorado Classic Boudoir Colorado Natural Boudoir

I had the pleasure of being a part of La Femme Workshop in Texas in April. The workshop was all about celebrating women.  I am finally sharing this beautiful shoot after it was featured at Boudoir Collective this month! I love that this setting was styled as classic boudoir and the shoot focused on celebrating Sarah as a woman!

Classic Boudoir Lingerie
Bridal Boudoir Makeover
Colorado Fine Art Boudoir PhotographerBridal Boudoir BouquetThe simplicity of this shoot was what I enjoyed most. The setting was minimal with all white walls and a single chair. A boudoir shoot should be about celebrating the woman who is being photographed. It doesn’t need to be about a fancy bed with a gorgeous headboard and blanket and it doesn’t need to scream sexy.
Simple Boudoir Setting
Fine Art Boudoir Photographer I want women to know that their boudoir shoot can be soft, feminine and intimate. It should celebrate their femininity, their subtleness, their natural beauty. It should especially celebrate their differences, physically and emotionally. We all have “flaws”, or at least we think of them as flaws. These shouldn’t be thought of as flaws. Our stretch marks, our scars, our “imperfect”, ever-changing body. We should be proud of all of these things, not ashamed. Our differences make us who we are and we should all get the opportunity to celebrate who we are. Sarah was proud of her scars and didn’t want to hide them. They helped make her the strong woman she is today.
Bridal Bouquet
Simple Classic Boudoir
Colorado Fine Art Boudoir
White Sparrow Barn
Tulle Skirt BoudoirWomen are created in such a special way that we can be the art and let our quietness speak louder than words. We can proudly display the things that we are normally ashamed of because of society’s perfect standard that none of us can ever live up to. Once we get past the thought of being perfect and celebrate who we are, “flaws” and all, we can set a new standard!

Colorado Classic Boudoir
Bridal Boudoir Floral Garter
Floral Bridal Garter
Classic Boudoir Hairstyle

I hope the message I have speaks to you as a woman and helps empower you to celebrate yourself! A boudoir shoot is one of the best ways to celebrate your femininity and every woman deserves to indulge in a day all about you and bring home keepsakes to remember you are beautiful!


Photography: Courtney Noelle Photographie // Workshop: La Femme Workshop by Boudoir Collective // Styling & Coordination: MIRA Events + Design // Wardrobe: Katherine Bignon // Model: Sarah Grace Lane Burchett // Floral: Lizzie Bees Flower Shoppe // Rentals: Rent My Dust // Hair & Makeup: Lavender & Lipstick // Venue: The White Sparrow Barn // Film Lab: The FIND Lab // Fuji 400

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