The Importance of True Friends in Entrepreneurship

ColoradoFilmPhotographer_0209.jpgSince starting this crazy entrepreneurial journey, I have noticed something shift. The other entrepreneurs in my life have become my greatest and closest friends. I feel especially grateful for this. I don’t think I would still be pushing myself at this point if it weren’t for these amazing friends encouraging me and speaking so much truth into my life as I continue this endeavor. Let me just say, entrepreneurship is HARD, you guys. Way more difficult than I thought it would be.
I am not a person to give up in anything but I won’t lie, I have considered throwing in the towel a few times. It’s a little ridiculous even saying that and my eyes are getting glossy as I type it because I know that’s not who I am! I don’t give up. Never say die…right? Some Sandlot references to lighten the mood being dragged down by my sappiness. (Insert laughing tears emoji here.) P.S., why aren’t emojis a thing in blogging yet…
Anyway, totally off track.
ColoradoFilmPhotographer_0213.jpgReally, don’t feel bad if you have considered giving up. At anything really. This advice is all the same for many instances. Instead of giving up, give yourself grace. Cry it out or take a nap, then get to work! Kick some butt! Find amazing friends who are just starting their journey and find seasoned friends who have established themselves in this crazy entrepreneurship world, and be vulnerable with them. Admit your hardships to them and ask for their advice. This world of being your own boss is not easy. You have to motivate yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Slap yourself around a bit so that you DON’T. GIVE. UP. But let me tell you, right now, it is so much easier to do all of those things if you have a few good companions alongside you to help you out. And you get to help them out in return which is just as rewarding.

So, how do you find these colleagues??

By the way, we think it’s hilarious to refer to each other as co-workers/colleagues since we work alone, with only our pets around, 90% of the time. I’m sure my cat gets sick of hearing my voice after a while and to be quite honest, I’m kind of sick of him not responding.. 😉
There are a few ways I can suggest to find your tribe, but I will tell you the ways I found mine. It all kind of fell into place and it is all thanks giving up. I know, that is like, opposite of what I was preaching above. But basically, I stopped looking. I stopped trying so hard. And I left it up to God to bring these women into my life when the time was right. And he did just that.
So before I quit my day job, I started becoming super close with my friend Tracy, whom I met at church through a mutual, amazing friend. We started talking about entrepreneurship, (she works alongside her husband for Colorado Concrete Repair) amongst other real life subjects and we were completely real with each other about everything. If you put a wall up, hate to break it to ya, but you won’t get the close friends you are looking for. You have to be vulnerable and truthful. Since I met Tracy, she has been a mentor and great friend in my life. Weekly calls are a must, and they keep us both on track.


At the same time, my beautiful friend Morgan, of Lady Ilg Photography, and I had been talking through an online networking group of photographers in our area. We had no idea if we would click or not but wanted to get together and have a little photo adventure. Once I finally quit my day job we were able to meet and we immediately were able to talk about deep, gritty stuff and, again, be REAL with each other. Since October, she has become one of my closest mentors and friends and photo adventures are a regular occurrence in our schedules! The photos above and below were taken the same day..that just shows you how crazy Colorado weather is.

Wow, this is a long winded post, but it’s important stuff, and I couldn’t cut it short. To recap, in case you don’t want to read all the mumbo jumbo above.. First, network. Second, if you are a believer, give it to God. If not, no worries, do what works for you. Put it into the world somehow but then stop trying so hard for it. Third, be vulnerable and truthful. No walls in these friendships. And lastly, cultivate and work at it. Relationships take work, too. They can be just as hard as this entrepreneurial venture. So, don’t give up. Keep at it and the fulfillment it all brings will be worth it in the end. That’s what I’m telling myself and I hope it is helpful for you, too!


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